2020.09.13 Message from the School Nurse

September 13, 2020 Message from the SDWD School Nurse

Hello School District of Wisconsin Dells Families,

Our school district is working closely with our local county health departments and are following specific guidelines to help keep our students and staff safe.  

Due to the pandemic and increasing levels of spread of COVID-19 in our community, we are using a liberal approach when determining whether or not to send students home due to illness. If a student is displaying mild symptoms, it is best to send them home in case it is the beginning of a COVID-19 infection. This decision-making can reduce the risk of the virus transmitting to one or more students or staff in the school. If it is appropriate to send a student home based off of symptoms, it is also required that any siblings who share a household and attend any of our schools must also be sent home. Your student will receive a letter with their specific symptoms and also receive instructions and information  on when the student and their siblings can return to school. 

Students will need to meet certain criteria to be sent home for illness. Symptoms are separated into 2 categories.  The first category includes major symptoms. A student would only need to have one of these symptoms to be sent home.  The second category includes less severe symptoms.  If the student does not have any symptoms from the first category, they would need to have 2 or more of the less severe symptoms to be sent home. 

Please also be aware that when being sent home with illness symptoms, it is highly recommended and encouraged to be tested for COVID-19.  We understand that seasonal allergies and colds are common this time of year.  Testing is still encouraged because COVID-19 can mimic seasonal allergies and the common cold in children and adolescents.

If a student is symptomatic and not tested for COVID-19, they will be required to isolate at home and their siblings will be required to quarantine at home. In these instances, they are considered to be probable positive cases, unless proven differently with a negative test result or alternative diagnosis from their Doctor. If there is an alternative diagnosis, a letter from their Doctor is required. 

If your student is sick and you are keeping them home from school, you will need to keep all siblings home as well. Please notify their school's secretaries. If at all possible, speak to a secretary directly over the phone.  They will be able to provide you information on when your students can return to school.  

Our ultimate goal is to keep our community healthy and be able to keep our students in school. Thank you for your help and understanding. 

Michelle Jenkins, BSN, RN