Welcome Staff!

  • Office Staff:

    Principal: Felipe Armijo (ext. 4101)

    Secretary: Heather McLaughlin (ext. 4100)

    Support Staff:

    Teaching Assistant: Sarah Johnson and Wendie Gregerson

    LMC Aide: Lonnie Fisher (ext. 4122)

    4K Teaching Assistant: Savana Amundson and Teresa Jacobson

    Kitchen Staff: Shannon Bryant (ext. 4104)

    Custodial Staff: Lee Murray and Daniel Wendt

    Teaching Staff:

    4 Year Old Kindergarten:
    Lindsay Wilson (ext. 4105)

    5 Year Old Kindergarten:
    Sara Bishop (ext. 4143)
    Trevor Ruff (ext. 4147)

    1st Grade:
    Sydney Taufen (ext. 4114)
    Justine Craighead (ext. 4113)

    2nd Grade:
    Trisha Bries (ext. 4150)
    Kerry Cook (ext. 4148)

    3rd Grade:
    Elise Frawley (ext. 4149)
    Angela Wardrop (ext. 4110)

    4th Grade:
    Emma Bretl-Eden (ext. 4151)

    5th Grade:
    Mandy Haddix (ext. 4115)

    Extended Learning Staff:

    Brandon Anderson (ext. 4137)

    Aaron Johnson (ext. 4152)

    Nicole Paukner (ext. 4120)

    Lianna Thompson (ext. 4120)

    Title I Reading:
    Sherry Moyer (ext. 4111)

    Speech & Language:
    Linda Marston (ext. 4111)

    Estela Roustan (ext. 4165)