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The School District of Wisconsin Dells (SDWD) has expanded its partnership with the Rural Virtual Academy (RVA).  SDWD students now have a greater opportunity to pursue a fulltime, virtual school option.  If virtual education is something your family has considered, please read through the details below and follow the steps for registration.  Even if this is something you are just thinking about at this point, or are partially considering, we encourage you to follow the registration steps at any time to ensure that your child is on the enrollment list for RVA.

What Are The Benefits of RVA

RVA is a charter school through the Medford School District.  RVA is a PK-12 virtual school with high expectations for students.  Each student has a daily schedule and attendance is expected.  The daily schedule typically includes multiple chunks of live virtual instruction and then independent learning time.  The SDWD and RVA partnership includes the following benefits:

  • Students are able to stay enrolled in their home district of the SDWD.  Although they reside SDWD, students attend RVA but do not have to open enroll into another district.  This partnership is what separates RVA from other virtual schools.  
  • Because students are still enrolled SDWD, they can participate in activities and athletics here.
  • Students are able to take some classes face-to-face while being enrolled in RVA fulltime virtually.  Tech Ed or Music Courses are an example of this. 
  • SDWD will have “Learning Centers” in some of our schools for fulltime virtual students to come in and work on RVA and get receive support from SDWD staff.
  • Needed technology is provided by RVA for fulltime virtual students.
  • Students can still earn an SDWD diploma upon graduation from high school.  

How Do We Enroll in RVA?

1.       Go to Rural Virtual Academy

2.       Click or hover over, “Enroll”

3.       To enroll in the 2023-24 school year, click on, “Click Here to get Started”

4.       Follow the prompts (if you are new to RVA, click "No")

5.       Click "Yes" as Wisconsin Dells is a consortium district with RVA.

6.       Complete the registration form.

Again, even if you are just somewhat interested in RVA at this point, we encourage you to complete the application so you can get on the list.  The RVA website is full of information with answers to many questions. Families can also reach out to their schools with questions about enrollment.  The SDWD Curriculum & Instruction office can be reached at 608-254-7769 or by emailing with specific questions.