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First page of the PDF file: 20244K5KEnrollmentFlyer1

4K & 5K Enrollment

New to the district 4K & 5K students can enroll in person on April 24, 2024 from 2-6pm at the High School LMC. 

First page of the PDF file: 20244K_5KEnrollmentFlyer

4K & 5K Inscripción

Los estudiantes nuevos en el distrito de 4K y 5K pueden inscribirse en persona el 24 de abril de 2024 de 2 a 6 p.m. en el LMC de la escuela secundaria.

Dear Parents & Caregivers,


For the time being, we have weathered the recent snowstorms and blast of sub-zero temperatures.  Please allow me to clarify that there will be no classes on Friday, February 23, 2024.  After looking at the minutes of instruction and with teaching staff reporting to work on Wednesday, January 10, 2024, the district forgives the first two contractually inclement weather days.  Again, there will be no classes for students or staff on Friday, February 23, 2024.  Enjoy the three-day weekend!  


For the past year, the district has been looking to develop options for the future of the district’s buildings.  As previously mentioned, this is a two-fold process as the district looks to take on small, minor projects such as painting classrooms and hallways.  This past summer, the district subcontracted work on the Spring Hill Elementary School cafeteria, installing new LED lighting, replacing the drop ceiling, and adding a fresh coat of paint to give this busy area a refreshed look.  The summer of 2024 will be no exception as the district will look to replace some classroom carpets, install a replacement intercom system at Spring Hill, and will see some repainting of other high-traffic areas.  Again, one of the district’s strategic objectives is to implement a long-term plan that ensures clean, healthy, and safe facilities. 

The district will also resume discussion on the retirement of LDES.  As a reminder, in June of 2021, Architectural Design Consultants Incorporated (ADCI) of Lake Delton presented the findings of its follow-up facility analysis completed in 2015.  As such, PRA & CG Schmidt will present a number of long-term construction options for the district to consider in the future.  They include the retirement of LDES, continued updates to Spring Hill Elementary, and updates to Wisconsin Dells Middle School.   

The last part of this discussion involves the approval of construction bids to replace the district office with a new 6,650-square-foot building due to the completion of a land transfer a year ago between the district and the Nelson family.  This land transfer saw the district receive 97.3 acres attached to Brew Farm Campus to make it one contiguous property of 177.3 acres in exchange for one acre of land at the current office site.

Following the long-term planning presentation, the district will seek feedback via a community survey to better determine the preferred options to address long-term facility planning.  There is no doubt that the new WDHS project has assisted the district in stabilizing its open enrollment deficit, and the ability to offer more project-based learning opportunities has led to greater student engagement in many cases. 


Annually, the district, working in conjunction with the Department of Public Instruction, takes two student counts.  The first count is referred to as the third Friday count, which took place on Friday, September 15, 2023.  At that time, the district had a fall district membership count of 1,792 students, with 1,816 students attending school.  The second Friday count occurred on January 12, 2024, and the most recent count showed a district membership count of 1,777 and an attending count of 1,802.  Please see the seven-year trend comparing the third Friday membership counts with the second Friday membership counts.

Fall & Winter Student Membership Count Historical

School Year

Fall Membership Count

Winter Membership Count































As you can see, despite a slight dip in the fall membership count from the previous year, the district still sees a small increase in enrollment over the seven-year trend.    Typically, the district has nearly always experienced a decline in the membership count from fall to winter.  Typically, in March, the district begins to enroll new or returning students from the south, leading to a relatively stable enrollment for the following fall count.


The last small segment of this month’s newsletter is a shout-out to the students participating in Skills USA.  This club sees students interested in Career Technical Education (CTE) courses gain an opportunity to demonstrate and showcase their skills via club competitions.  To date, this club has competed in three competitions and succeeded in all three competitions.  Most recently, earning first place awards were Patryk Peitryga & Jeffrey Husband; second place award winners were Ember Robenolt, Andrew Seiler, Hanna Hutchinson, Olivia Walford, Macklin Alexander, and Alexander Roll.  Congratulations to these eight students and all students who participated in the most recent competition.  The district would like to see this success parlayed into a higher number of students participating in the state-sponsored Youth Apprenticeship program.  Over the course of the next three years, the district would like to triple the number of students participating in Youth Apprenticeship.  This will be a significant point of emphasis when planning for student registration next year.  Skills USA and YA are by-products of the project-based learning taking place at WDHS. 


Please allow me to close out this newsletter by saying thank you for the opportunity to serve the children of our community!  They are our highest priority, and it is our privilege to do so!


Have a great month! 

Terrance R. Slack