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District Registration

Registration for returning students is August 8, 2024 from 12-6 pm at Wisconsin Dells High School.

Open Enrollment

The School District of Wisconsin Dells is accepting open enrollment applications for the 2024-25 school year beginning on July 1, 2024.  Please follow the link for more information and the application.  Please contact Tiffany Clary at or 608-254-7769 ext. 6022 for any questions. 

DPI Open Enrollment Information

2024-25 Application

Come drive with us!!

SDWD is hiring bus drivers for AM/PM routes, AM routes, PM routes, sports trips, or substitute drivers!  Sign-on bonus, no experience necessary, paid in-house training! 

Substitute Teacher Training

Interested in becoming a substitute teacher?  Attend substitute teacher training through Cesa 5 in Portage to get started! 

Dear Caregivers & Parents,

I am pleased to send out this mid-summer communication to share several things taking place during the summer months.  Despite our students enjoying summer vacation, the district is still a busy place in the middle of the summer!


Technically speaking, the first leg of summer school began on Monday, June 10, 2024, for students participating in strength and conditioning.  These student-athletes recently paused and took off the week of July 4th to allow for well-deserved recovery and rest.  They resumed the second leg of this class on Monday, July 8th, and were joined with the second piece of the district's summer school programming, a combination of academic and enrichment courses.  Overall, there were 131 students in grades K-8 enrolled in our summer enrichment program that will run for sixteen total days and end on Thursday, August 1, 2024.  This gives most people about a month to take one last break before the start of the 2024-25 school year.  Summer school is a great way to prepare students for the beginning of the upcoming school year, and special thanks to all the teachers and support staff members for supporting our students!    


Please allow me to share a recap of the results of the long-term planning survey.  School Perceptions delivered an overview of the survey results to the School Board at a special board meeting on Wednesday, May 15, 2024.  Overall, the survey saw a total of 846 surveys returned, which shows a +/- 3.445 statistical margin of error in the overall survey results.  The survey tested a completed long-term building plan totaling a proposed $59.8 million in projects that would have seen the construction of a new EC through grade-1 building, remodeling to repurpose SHES to become a grade-2 through grade-5 school, and remodeled WDMS to address a secured entrance, provided updates to many classroom spaces and updates to the STEM area.  Overall, the survey came back with a weighted support for these proposed projects at 44.85%, below the 50% threshold necessary to move forward.  As one might expect, the tax impact was the number one reason for 64% of those not supporting this proposed long-term planning project.  Additionally, the district assessed the support to expand 4K from two full days a week to four full days a week, and while 76% of the staff support this move, only 36% of non-parents/non-staff support this proposal.  As such, the district will not move forward with this move either. 

Safety and security and overall constituent satisfaction were two items that provided positive feedback.  Specifically, survey respondents were asked to provide feedback on the district's ability to deliver a high-quality education, keep the public informed, manage funds appropriately, and build pride in the community.  Survey respondents provided feedback showing increased confidence, indicating a higher satisfaction rate than when asked two years ago in the spring of 2022. 

As a result of the survey feedback, the district will hold off on a referendum for a large capital project.  In the future, the district will resume long-term planning to consider alternative planning.  The district will, however, look to address two safety and security items: a secured entrance at WDMS and a plan to improve the safety of students by separating bus and car traffic at Spring Hill Elementary.  The next section of this newsletter article will go into greater detail on these items.       


At the July 8, 2024, board meeting, the district reviewed a presentation from Plunkett Raysich Architects (PRA) that addressed more refined plans to address the need for having a secured entrance at the middle school and modifying the Spring Hill parking lot configuration that will separate bus and car traffic resulting in a safer more streamlined flow of student bus and car riders.  The district must seek approval through a small capital referendum to accomplish these two small projects.  Based on the tax tolerance feedback provided in the long-term planning survey, the goal of this referendum is to keep the mill rate as near as last year's as possible, and as a reminder, the 2023-24 mill rate was $6.40 tax per $1,000 of tax value on property.  

The first part of this small capital referendum would see Wisconsin Dells Middle School gain a secured entrance at the front of the middle school (Race Street Entrance), and this secured entrance would be much like the secured entrances in place at Spring Hill Elementary and Wisconsin Dells High School.  The second safety/security upgrade would occur at SHES and include redesigning the parking lot to separate bus and car traffic.  In doing this, a bus-only drop-off and pick-up entrance on the west side of SHES would see the loading of buses at WDMS take place further behind this school to further ease bus and car congestion.  Attached is a thumbnail of the proposed upgrades to improve traffic flow at Spring Hill Elementary.


The district will receive the final project budget numbers on Monday, July 22, 2024.  Pursuing these two small projects allows the district to move forward with two long overdue safety and security issues with little or no tax impact on district residents and then more time to sort out any next round of long-term planning. 


As we look ahead to the 2024-25 school year, please mark your calendar for all school registration scheduled for Thursday, August 8, 2024.  Yes, this date is a correction due to a double booking at WDHS.  Registration will take place at WDHS, and the hours will be from 12 pm to 6 pm.  As a reminder, as of July 24, 2024, you may log in and complete the 24-25 registration process online.  Skyward Family Access Login.  No school pictures will be taken on this day as these will occur during the early part of the school year.  Listed below are the picture dates for each respective school. 

Lake Delton Elementary School  Wednesday, September 11, 2024

Spring Hill Elementary School Wednesday, September 11, 2024

Wisconsin Dells Middle School Tuesday, September 10, 2024

Wisconsin Dells High School Tuesday, September 10, 2024


In closing, the district continues to serve its students during the summer months, and we are busy gearing up for another successful school year.  Please allow me to close out this newsletter by saying thank you for the opportunity to serve the children of our community.  They are our highest priority, and it is our privilege to do so!

Respectfully submitted,

Terrance Slack